I had the itch to watch some crappies gettin caught on youtube today and it made me wonder if my favorite lines were still the best. Looks like they are. Best overall clear line I ever fished was Gamma. It looks like Gamma is thriving and has changed the name of the copoly to poly flex. A dumb name IMHO because one of the key characters of it's line is that it doesn't stretch as much as other clear lines. It's also still ridiculously priced compared to my favorite overall line. $28 for 1100 yrds. It's really good line, just not THAT good.

My over all favorite is Sufix Promix and has been for at least 15 years. It's amazing that a fishing product can be on the market that long and still be the best basically without changing, but it has. Now compare the 2 lines side by side and the Gamma will come out on top slightly, but with both lines still blowing everything else away. What made Promix so amazing and continues to make it great is that it's such a great line and they sell it dirt cheap. 1000 yrd for $10. ProMix&#8482

Here is what makes these lines great. 1. Low stretch compared to other clear lines except for fluorocarbon. 2. Superior abrasion resistance 3. Break strength. These lines literally break at double their ratings, giving you the ability to fish a very thin line with confidence when you have a monster on in the junk. 4. Long shelf life. Traditional mono is junk after a year. Copoly seems to never deteriorate. I have spools that are 8 - 10 years old and the line comes off the spool and is still strong. It also doesn't get damaged by the sun. 5 limpness. These lines coil less than any clear line I've used.

Now I said the line hasn't changed, but what has changed is that they now offer Promix in clear blue fluorescent. I don't like using bright neon lines, and my eyes are not as sharp as they once were so the blue is just right. They also have filler spools again which they had discontinued for a while. It's just a great line at a great price.

There I got that out of my system. I know I've said all this before but it bears repeating especially with the new color and reintro of the filler spools size.

Go get em!