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Thread: Fish Attractors...Comments & Questions....

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    Question Fish Attractors...Comments & Questions....'s the scoop: I'm in the middle of constructing several "crappie condos" to drop into Norris Lake...5-gal plastic buckets, cut down to 3-gal. size, filled with quickcrete and nine 5 ft long 1/2" pvc pipes arranged in a fan pattern (kinda like an old-fashioned shaving brush)...questions to answer: 1) how many of each do I drop in each location; 2) do I drop 'em in locations marked with fish attractor symbols on my Hotspot Map or just pick my own likely-looking spots? 3) how do I make sure they hit the bottom in an upright position and stay that way? I figure this is the best time of year to do this....I plan to drop 'em in coves that still hold 6-8 ft of water during the lowest point of the winter drawdown.....Thanks for any comments/suggestions....


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    There are some great ideas from a lot of posters with a lot of experience in constructing crappie condos.
    As far as placing them so they are stable (at least somewhat stable) try this:
    the trick to catch that finnicky speck....
    gently set the hook just before the peck

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    I would not drop them near the spots marked on your map. Unless you want everyone reaping your hard work for making the new beds. I would find new spots by looking at the map, look for creek channels and drop off's. I usually drop them in groups of 3 or 4. When I make mine I leave the handles on the buckets and make sure its upright when I place pvc in the bucket. I then use a long enough rope making a loop to lower the bucket to the bottom of the lake. Then pull the rope up once its on the bottom and I think its upright. We have also just dumped them overboard, usually they will right themselves up. If not its still no big deal becuase the fish will still use them even if they are on there sides.
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