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Thread: Help with structure placement

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    Default Help with structure placement

    I have posted before on this but updating a bit. I have a 6 acre sand pit with max depth of 24ft. There is only one good tree pile in this pit so far. I have built some pvc structure to drop down and plan to build a handful more. On the south side of this pit only homeowners are allowed which is where the main tree pile is currently in 10-17ft. I catch many slabs off the pile in spring and fall. My dilemma is where to drop the new structure. Part of me want to create one heck of a mess of structure in all depths around this existing pile because i can either cast from bank or anchor down if no wind. Not many people fish from a boat on this pit. So being able to eliminate strangers from access to the structure on the private side of bank is why i am leaning towards loading it up with structure. There are not a ton of diff drop offs etc in the pit. My plan is to cover all depths with structure that is easily available from the bank due to it getting to the lakes deepest spot by casting from bank if need be. What you guys think? Thanks!

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    Spreading the cover around the lake "may" be a negative, as it may also spread the fish. If the existing pile starts degrading, adding the PVC might be a long term solution to "freshening up" the pile now & again.

    Running a line of cover items from shallow to deep, and still on the "private" side and within reach of your bank fishing casts, might be an option. It would serve as a potential spawning spot, as well as give some cover items at different depths. May not be worth the effort, though, if the water is very clear all the time ... as the fish may not use it, other anglers can easily see it, etc.

    You might want to wait until some of our "pond management" guys chime in, as I'm no expert & just making guesses & assumptions.

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    Points and along drop offs on your side from deep to shallow I would add real brush at the mid level and shallow for sure I'm no expert but read a lot about this topic
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