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Thread: Rubber Worm Rigging ?

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    Default Rubber Worm Rigging ?


    Always trying to learn, although I realize it's "fishing," and not brain surgery, and shouldn't get too scientific with it.
    But, would like to hear what you experts might suggest with this.
    I'm a true amateur.

    I do small Pond fishing in New England.
    Mainly Small Crappie, with a (very) occasional smallmouth or largemouth Bass.

    Regarding all the rubber worms that I use (3"-4" max.), Texas rigged mainly:

    Should the barb/point, and the part right next to the barb (after the bend) be laying right
    alongside the skin/surface of the worm after rigging it, or should there be perhaps a 1/16-1/8 gap
    between the hooks' barb and the worm skin ?

    If alongside, is a Crappie's mouth big, and strong, enough to compress the worm enough
    to get hooked ?

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
    All the Pix in Google Images seem to show it both ways.


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    Haven't heard them called "rubber worms" in quite some time. I like to push the point of the hook thru the outside of the bait then back it up to where the point is just below the surface of the bait but not showing or sticking out so it can catch on brush/vegetation. I think this keeps it weedless but much easier to set the hook when the strike occurs. I do weedless crappie jigs like Sliders the exact same way.
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    i push until its almost thru then back up

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    Yep usually tuck it back in a little. Then again ever since sankos came out I've only used circle hooks with worms.

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    Texas rigged is when the point of the hook is buried in the plastics, and only comes through when you set the hook on a fish.

    Texposed rigged is when the hook is pushed completely through the plastics, then the point of the hook is buried just below the surface of the plastics .... also known as being "skin hooked".

    If you're rigging your 3-4" worms to catch Bass, and occasionally catch a Crappie on them ... you'll catch more Crappie by using a weedless jig head & a 2" plastic tube or grub. IMHO

    I've always found pond fish to be more aggressive/competitive when it comes to their feeding habits. So, if the Crappie are hitting a "3-4in rubber worm", and you only occasionally catch a Bass ... using a weedless jig head & a smaller offering, then you're more likely to get bit more often, by both Crappie & Bass.

    But, to the "point" of your question .... a "Texposed" rigged worm will likely produce more hookups on a Crappie. This is especially true if you're using light line & a soft action rod.

    ... cp

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    Charlie Brewer slider worms black and purple 4 in worms and their original slider heads 1/8 oz they have a book (slider fishing) and a video (how to) Nothing better for pond or small stream fishing!! Even is the secert of a lot of Pro's!!! Good fishing!! you can check their web site out at bottom of page or give them a call great folks!!
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