As i mentioned before in the Nebraska thread, the ice on many lakes is beginning to melt away and break up and it seems that once we get past these few clipper systems that will keep temps cool, Spring is around the corner and i can start hitting the water instead of staring at the ice.

Now, usually i start fishing after the spawn, usually June (last year i started early in mid May). This year i plan to hit the pre-spawn season on the head, now i haven't heard much of what the fish are doing or if they are producing eggs already around here, but with the ice beginning to break up and melt away, im wondering what are crappie and bluegill doing at this time? I don't know what the water temp is, but my guess would be somewhere in the mid 30's to low 40s. The rock beds have been clear of ice for about a week. Could they still be on the bottom waiting for temps to get warmer and the ice is completely gone? Could they be searching around the rock beds for spots to start spawning?

Anyone know any articles, videos or just personal experience on what crappie and bluegill do in the water during the transition from winter to spring?