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Thread: new jig pics!!!

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    Wink new jig pics!!!

    Name:  DSCF1898.JPG
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    Name:  DSCF1896.JPG
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Size:  113.0 KBHere's a few pics of my 3/4 oz bass jig featuring pheasant and moose-hair, and some to have bucktail, and 1 plain moosehair jig 1/16oz and one 1/8 oz glowhead moosehair jig. The only difference with the production jigs that i will be selling is the thread which will be kevlar and nylon, and the moosehair will be replaced with bucktail. I will probably have about 10-15 different designs available. The glow jig's head and collar fully glow, I will be adding crystal flash glow in addition so the whole jig will glow. This new glow paint is extremely bright, and lasts very long. I use a black light and there fully charged in about 20 seconds, about every other cast or so i drop it in front of the black light for a sec to keep it screaming loud. I just wish my bucktail shipment would hurry up and get here! I also wanted to report I fished with the old jigs that were posted in the past post and they held together well, and retained their color. By the way they were not painted with a marker, they were painted with acrylic paint with clear coat layed over, they seemed to have faded slightly but i will address that issue with extra clear coat. Let me know what you guys think. Just wanted to add, the only reason the thread is painted is because until my shipment gets in, I do not have but one color thread. Just wanted to get feedback on the design. I also used collarsless jig head on the one. Let me know!!!
    I'll catch them all next time!!!!!

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    Hey man I posted on your original thread last night. Put me down for a doz of
    the 1/16th oz , mix em up color-wise. There is no hurry whatsoever. PM me when you are ready. I see a web address so guess shipping and that happens there.(haven't been on it yet) Just PM me.
    12th Degree Ninja

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