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    I dont know what your financial status is, but I was wondering something. Have you ever thought about maybe purchasing some property and building like a two room apartment or cabin for your guide business that you could rent out to your customers. You mentioned that being a tourist area, I'm sure you could keep it booked and probably make some money off of it. It may be a hassle, I dont know. It may be something you dont want a part of. It might not be worth it, I dont know. I was just thinking it might be another good thing to help your business. Good Luck

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    Hey Crappieseeker,

    Yep, I've thought about providing lodging for my clients but it seems like everyone wants something different and there is more lodging available here than needed except for holiday weekends.

    And it would be a hassle, providing maid service, maintenance etc. There is a striper guide here that has cabins and I guess he gets a lot of use out of them.

    My next project is going to be a boat and RV storage facility. When itís finished it wouldnít take much time and would be something for retirement income when I get too old and cranky to guide.

    Iíve thought about doing it for about 20 years and in that time period there have been hundreds of units put in near Lake Ouachita. But Lake Greeson doesnít have very many and I think there is or will be a good demand in that area. I just need to get some land purchased, fence it in, put down some gravel and start taking renters.

    Some people will be OK with just a secure place to put their RV or boat (with a cover on it). Others will want a roof and others will want a complete enclosure. Iíll build it as I go and plan to eventually have all complete enclosures.

    So, if you have some extra money around that you want to invest just let me know.
    FISH ON!
    Jerry Blake

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