Well we finally decided on the location. The tournament will be held on Dec. 3rd at Black Lake. Chandlers camp, will be the launch site. It is located on Hwy 9 just out of Campti, La about 7 miles or so. This will be an open tournament and un-like the previous tournaments it will be a team (2-people)tournament. The entry fee is $20.00 per team and $5.00(each person) for optional big fish. Mon'Back and myself will both leave an open spot in our boats for anyone interested in fishing the tournament that does not have a fishing partner, and I am sure there are others that would be gald to team up if they dont already have a partner. If you are intrested and need a partner let us know and we will try to match you up with someone. We would like to have everyone registered by 6am, and begin fishing by 6:30. The weigh-in will be at 2pm at the launch site, we will be weighing 10 fish total for each team, and each individual can have a seperate big fish entry (and no it cannot be the same fish ). Black Lake, Clear Lake and Black Bayou are all adjoined waterways and may be fished during this tournament. We hope to have a nice turn-out. One other thing that we are considering after the Tournament, if there is enough interest, we would like to all get together somewhere and have a little meeting. We will discuss the future plans of the Central Louisiana Crappie Association and take it from there. We would like to advertise in the surrounding towns as much as possible before the tournament. Mo'nBack and I will be running ads in the local news-papers, if any one has any other ideas for advertisment we could sure use any help we could get. I hope to see more of the Crappie. com gang, this is a great opportunity for all of us to get together. So tell all your fishin buddies and we will see you all there