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Thread: Why are shiners so much more expensive than minnows?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArthurLK11 View Post
    Why are shiners so much more expensive than minnows? Is it harder to breed them? Does it take longer for them to grow up? Do they eat more expensive food? Do they need to be stored in more expensive equipment? I'm just wondering why the price difference is so drastic. My local bait shop has a dozen minnows for $1.75 and a dozen small shiners for $8.75. That's a big difference.
    size of the shiners might come into play ?
    and golden shiners I think you are talking about only spawn once a year .
    but without knowing for sure what they are calling "shiners" it would be hard to know for sure .
    to raise them to bass bait size might get a bit pricey ?
    sure is a big price differential . likely do to the size of the bait is my thought
    BIG shiners here are expensive like that as well .
    and "minnows" are much cheaper .
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales

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    That's a big difference in price for sure! Think I would go with the small ones and double up the numbers in my bait bucket!

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