I have been having a hard time since the water came up and all this weather. Wind out of the east and bluebirdskies behind a cold front. It doesn't get any tougher than that!

Brother-in-law and a friend fished Peters Creek yesterday. From mid day till late afternoon. Think they ended up with 16. Fished all day and threw it ALL at them. they were scattered and spooky to say the least.

I managed 12 yesterday in the Walnut Creek area. They were as above. I fished from daylight till 1-2. Hard. The fish I caught were in 10-16' of water and were about 4-6' deep.

Just sitting here watching Tennessee play. Wondering if anyone else was seeing what we were or maybe something totally different. I am hoping the bite will get better in the next few days. This sun should really warm up the water temps. About 1/3rd of the fish I am catching have eggs. Some more far along than others. They have to turn on and soon! Man I hope the COE doesn't pull the lake back down...

Let's hear it