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Thread: Lake Cumberland Crappie...Strange Spring

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    Default Lake Cumberland Crappie...Strange Spring

    All 17 of the nice crappie I caught yesterday morning were still practically bursting with eggs. And I dont mean pale, lifeless looking eggs. I mean bright yellow, robust-looking eggs on the verge of being laid. These fish were all holding 11 ft deep in 20 ft of water and were as fit as any springtime crappie you'd ever see. Really strange for this time of year, but, hey, this has been an unusual spring all the way round. I remember once, back in the 80's, when a friend and I caught a boatload of Kentucky Lake crappie spawning up in the bushes in early June. Many of the fish that day were spewing eggs as we put them in the boat. It was a strange spring that year as well. I guess when it comes to crappie fishing, wonders will never cease!
    Capt. Steve Spitzer
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    Couldn't agree more on the strange spring. Congrats on the good trip.
    Yes, as a matter of fact, I do have a retirement plan...FISHING!
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