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artcarny, thanks, I think the report will be good. I'm sure the commercial fishing success would also be an indication of how we are doing. I hate it for them if they are having trouble netting the Carp, but this would let us know if the population is being reduced. On the fish below the dam, like you, they say there are a lot of them there (Carp). I used to come down in the Summer and fish the rip-rap for some nice Bluegill below Barkley dam from the bank . Don't know if the Carp are affecting this. Would like to come down and see, but may not get time.
I know the snagging for paddlefish isn't what it used to be, mainly because you're worn out reeling in carp before you ever snag the first spoonbill. Back in 1998 I first got started snagging, the limit was 15 on paddlefish then, talk about filling the freezer! I miss the good old days of snagging.