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Thread: Trouble and Fishing ElDorado 10-26-2019

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    Default Trouble and Fishing ElDorado 10-26-2019

    They forecast great weather Saturday ant they were right. We caught about 20 (6 keeps) from Sailboat on up past RR bridge on Sam's small pink/char minnow baits. Water temp was 55 and water visibility about 8 inches. Fish were biting 10 to 12 feet deep. It was all fun and games until we saw someone a few hundred yards away waving a white flag. Sam fired his outboard and immediately headed to them. We were told that the outboard had been giving them trouble for a while and the trolling motor failed. We started pulling them in and probably made it 1/4 mile when we ran up on a tree and got high centered. We couldn't have stuck it worse if we tried ! The boat we were pulling continue at a fast pace and the captain did not turn the boat to avoid us. We barely got it pushed away before a collision. We were hopelessly high centered and just 6 inches from getting swamped !!! We had to holler at another boat to pull us off. The moral to this story is if you have a problem with you boat GET IT FIXED so you don't put other people in danger !!!
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    I been stuck on trees a few times at Eldo, had to throw anchor as far as possible and drag the boat off. Glad knowbody fell in or got hurt!! Thanks for fish report.

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    Default were could have been bad
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