The storm has passed. The prognosticators got it wrong at every turn. A lesson for sure. No matter what they say as far as the track, they are lying. As soon as they show it coming anywhere near, get prepared.

Now I have five gallons of gas in the generator that has to come out before I can store it away again. I think it needs a new carbeurator as it would not run unless the choke was out a little bit. I have five cans of gas in the garage. It was the ethanol free stuff.

Yesterday I spent $800 on wallpaper. Yup wallpaper. She just had to have it. It is called “Strawberry Thief”, and we are only doing one wall. So I have been watching YouTbue videos on how to paper a wall. I suspect I will do OK. The wall has a textured feel to it, so I am going to put on “Lining Paper” first. This gets run on the horizontal, then the wallpaper goes on vertically. It smoothes the surface so little dimples and such are not seen in the wallpaper upon completion and drying.

I went with the paste on wall type as that was the type that had the hue of Strawberry thief she liked best. It is made in Jolly Old England, where they have this thing for wallpaper apparently. I like a plain old white paint wall, but she does not. She thinks she has to decorate the wall. Sort of like the folks that have a bunch of Walmart family portraits on the wall. Hmmmmm….. she might be trailer trash after all.

Anyways this is gonna be a task. The paper rolls are $244 each and I needed 2.2 rolls, so had to buy three. This because there is so much waste due to having to cut and throw away paper to get the pattern to align. Can’t order two rolls, see how it goes because then the batch numbers do not match and the colors will not match when you do buy that third roll.

I get to practice my technique with the lining paper, as it goes up first. Fight with that stuff, which is only $25 a roll. Mix the adhesive paste, roll it on, attach paper, adjust, then smooth out. The plan is straightforward but some how I envision myself wrapped up like a mummy in the stuff. If it gets too bad I will just sit down and pout and that will get her to give it a try. As soon as she does, I plan to run away for a few hours. That has always been effective in the past. Come home and she is too far along to walk away. LOL

During the storm I fiddled up a few.

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These are smaller jigs. I clipped the collar off the heads and tied them up. So no longer 1/16th ounce size, maybe closer to 1/24th.

They sell swish balls for kids and people cut off the tentacles and use them for tails. As seen here. The issue for me is my tentacles are small, and if I thread them on the hook as if they were baits, the tail hangs funny, cockeyed, and can tear. So I set the jig in the vice and super glued the tentacles to the top of the hook, not skewered. Then after drying, tied them in and they hang beautifully straight now. I also cut the ball somewhat as I remove them. This leaves a small piece of the ball that will act to make the tail wiggle about. The tails are on backwards from what I see others doing. They stab the thicker part onto the hook and lash. I did the opposite orientation.

I like the proportions on these and think they should work pretty well. Again, it is hard for me to start a jig and keep everything small. These are like little minnows, and smaller than most of my plastic baits. Like a little paddle tail they are.

Here are a few more that I fidddled up with my junk.

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They are more of the traditional style jigs that everybody seems to want to make. I like the two tone look of pink and yellow.

I also made up a hybrid.

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This one is interesting to me. I cut away the grub portion of a Slabonator Devil’s Minner, and attached the tail section to the jig. Small amount of chenille added and the tail glued up tight to it. This alters the baits normal profile quite a bit. Makes it much shorter but also sleeker and more streamlined. Part hand tie, part plastic bait. In hand there is a nice waggle to the tail. I suspect it will make a good swimmer for my trolling operations.

Gonna seus vide me two marketed sections of tenderloin today. Then roll them around a top the char-broiler to finish with a nice sear. I can get two wonderful steaks to have for dinner, and a third steak for chopping into salads and such, from each one. I have two. Bought the first one with an idea, but the second one came later as part of my prep for the storm. Might as well do both at one time. The tenderloin is already very tender, but after the hot water has worked on it, the meat just pulls off in your fingertips. I plan to douse them with Brazilian steak seasoning.

Made kabobs yesterday, atop of rice, with some thinly sliced chicken breast. I been leavcing the meat off the kabobs to get better results. My bamboo skewers get burnt, so might get something else. The charbroiler has removable grates, and they sell sword like thingies that would stretch across and allow direct flamage to sear the vegetables. I might have to get some……after I recover financially from the wallpaper deal.

It never ends does it ?