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Thread: Messing with glitter

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    Default Messing with glitter

    Bought some clear coat+glitter powder paints recently, been wanting to spice up my paint jobs a bit.

    Found out its pretty difficult to get a good application really. I wound up putting an extra perf board (kind used for electronics) that I had from other tinkering on a wire frame. I could sit the powder paint cup under it, and using a tiny plastic coffee stir/spoon, ladle small amounts onto the "screen". There is enough room to hold a bait under it, and with a few light taps, it spreads the paint(glitter) pretty evenly.

    First few I tried I noticed getting the glitter even/somewhat light, left the clear coat blotchy and gave an uneven finish. I had bought a UV clear coat as well, so I tried applying the stick on eyes, and dipping in the clear coat. Made for a much better finish, and I'm sure will last much better than nail polish over the eyes.

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    Couple glitter ones Iíve done. I spray the bait with a clear acrylic through an airbrush to act as an adhesive, then shake loose glitter over it. Messy as hell. To get a good smooth final finish takes a pretty heavy topcoat.

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    Those look awesome. Very nice!

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    All of these things we do here take a learning curve and some more than others. Still at lest you guys are trying to add more to your baits and that has to be a good thing even if you just learn it was not worth the effort. Seems you guys have found a way to make them fit what you wanted to do, so good job!


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