O.K. so I listed this in the wrong section the last time. So I will try it here. This is going to be about the same as the material swap box going around but a lot different. This box is going to be for anything crappie related. New and slightly used, No well used, worn out items. This could be anything from reels, to lead heads, to rubber, to hair jigs, to bobbers, to crappie spreaders, to lures, to spinners, and so on. This would be a great way to throw in your business card and some sample items you produce and get the word out about your business or crappie guide business.

I am going to say NO MATERIAL IN THIS BOX!

If you want to put in material there is a material swap box going around for that. If you are like me you don't want material as you don't use it. It's pretty much worthless to me as like I said I don't make jigs, there just as cheap and good to buy ones already made by someone else and there are a lot of jigs to pick from off this board.

I have done this before on other websites and it has worked very well. And thought I would do it here.

Here is how it works.

I'll fill a box up with crappie related items.

I ask for participants to send it to. Usually I like to get between 25 and 100 people.
I send it to the second person on the list,
They will take out as much stuff as they want, need or can use.
They will LEAVE IN WHAT THEY DON'T want, need or can use in the box.
They will ADD items to the box they don't want or can't use.
There is NO limited on how much you take out or put in.
Now with that being said the box could weigh 2 pounds, or it could weigh 50 pounds. It will be a gamble of what it will weigh and how much stuff will be in the box and if there will be anything in it that you can actually use.
Then the person will send it to the next person on the list.

I will have a list of participants in the box for you to ship the items to.
This will be a first come first serve list.

This is a honor system.

Since this is a Crappie website I think all the items should be Crappie related.

This is a way to get rid of some of your unwanted "junk," "One man's junk is another man's treasures." and it is like Christmas when you get the box as you don't know when or what you will get.

The only other thing is when you get it let us know you got it and when it will be on the road again on this website.

For shipping cost reason please keep it within the 48 states.

If you want to participant just email me with your Name, Mailing Address, and Email address and I will put you on the list, First Come. First Serve. This will be closed on Monday Oct 27, 2014 and the adventure will begin!

IF you sign up to do this you are in! There is NO backing out! So please make sure you are not going to move next week or change your address in a month. Make darn sure you want to do this, 100% sure, as if you say you do, then you decide you don't want to after the fact. You won't get back on this list ever again!

It's suppose to be a fun and easy to do. But in the past, from the others, I have done on other sites, guys will change their minds or change their address about as fast as they signed up to do it! And that is too much work for me for something that is suppose to be free and fun!