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Thread: Monroe Keeps Rising (For Us)

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    Default Monroe Keeps Rising (For Us)

    We went to Monroe again Saturday and found our new to us bank fishing spot was still available but there was much less terre firma for us to set up on.

    We first hit this spot several weeks ago on a Saturday when the water was high because of the storms that hit the area the day before but we caught fish, a bunch gills and a couple of Bass and we had a fun day.

    A couple of weeks later on 4th of July weekend we went again on Saturday the 3rd, stupidly we thought because the lake was PACKED but we got "our" spot.
    Water was even higher than the previous trip which surprised us but again we caught plenty of fish. This 68 tear old man was busier than he wanted to be but the wife and I had a blast. I had to re-tie several hooks due to hang ups in the sunken brush but it gave my aging eyes good and needed practice at tying knots (oh what a challenge for me).

    Sandy(my wife) and I have more to do than fish, we have a yard, not much garden, household chores and Sandy still works full time so we can't go fishing every time we want to but this past Saturday was another day we could. Back to our same spot(the fishing gods have reserved it for us). I know the rain was pelting us all week but I didn't expect to see it so high. It seems like Monroe holds water but lets go of it slowly.
    Not as many as before but we still caught fish and stayed entertained for 4 hours.
    The rising water had submerged nearly all the brush close to shore and the tics were thick, we found the baby vampires on us or in our bed the rest of the weekend. We used Deet and showered after but the critters don't quit.

    Well that's my story because Indiana needed one. No big fish except for my nice bass, no pictures (if our luck continues maybe I can get Sandy to start taking some), being outdoors and near the water is hard to beat.
    I'm not telling where our little fishing spot is, I'm selfish in that respect. LOL

    You all have fun, wear your floatation devices when called for and when near shore spray on the Deet.

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    Great report

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    Monroe probably won’t let any water released before middle to end of next week best guess as East Fork of the White will peak Thursday and not start dropping before early Saturday as long as we don’t get anymore rain between now and then. It will take a few days for it to drop from flood stage. Then Monroe will release water. Nice report on you fishing. If you will let us know when/where your launching and going fishing,,,we can follow you.

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