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Thread: West Boggs Lake

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    Default West Boggs Lake

    Anybody got a fishing report from West Boggs ? Have not been down there in years either.
    I heard it had its issues with shad. Didnt know if it has come back or not. Always looking for new lakes to try.

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    Boggs is getting pounded by fishing pressure since they restocked. However, right now it’s in a tremendous algae bloom and fish reports I get, they aren’t fit to eat. Lake gets a lot of run off from heavy rains we have been having and runoff is full of turkey, cattle, and hog poo in it. Tons of Amish farms around it also creating heavy fishing pressure also. Even tho that is present issues, 13 3/4 bass are footballs, crappie is 11 inches or so, and gills/red ears are super nice in size. I know a few friends over the 4th that camped there for the fireworks display that wouldn’t even let their kids swim or fish so right now I think I would avoid it but a lot of people are still hammering it daily.

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    My wife and I made the trip down there in late June. We were fishing from shore and for the first time in a long time I out fished her.
    I'm not saying the fishing was great but patience was the key. I just threw my red wiggler out under a bobber and let it sit, twitch it a few times and then recast.
    I caught three pretty decent bass, a couple of nice redear and a few pretty good sunfish of which I'm unsure of the name.
    We weren't looking to keep so all were safely released.
    I had a fun afternoon, my wife not so much. LOL

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