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Thread: Eagle Creek Res.

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    I don’t see the lake going down. Think of it this way. Less boat traffic. No big boat hassles. More parking and less launch problems as well as take out. You may loose the walleye stocking but the lake always had great crappie fishing. When I fished it, yes, had to have a small boat with a 9.9 and my bass boat sat in the driveway, and was pretty much not hardly a person on it during the week and I never had any problems catching a limit of nice sized crappies. It’s a great lake to long line jigs or cranks too. And you can always pull into Rick’s Boatyard for great food.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10point View Post
    I fish there a lot and I live in West Lafayette. I have a small boat with a 9.9 and it allows me a place to fish that I don't get blown off the lake. The fisherman created this problem. I have seen so many people out there running their bigger motors. If those with bigger motors would have just used their trolling motors this wouldn't have happened. If the lake goes down hill there is no one to blame except the people that couldn't follow the rules.
    Amen! Why is it so hard to follow the rules? Eagle Creek has been a 10 hp lake for how many years? 30+ or more. I have never fired up my big motor on it and I have fished it many, many time! You fisherman that broke the law need to ask yourself, "Am I the one that finally caused the legal users to say, we've had enough! Follow the rules or pay a fine. If you want to run your big motors, go to the big lakes, plain and simple!!!
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