Hey Indiana Slab Masters!

The Indiana Slab Masters officers had a meeting today and the decision was made to add (2) additional tournaments to this year's schedule to take it back to 8 tournaments for the year!

This is also the first season that we would like to announce that we are having our 1st super event during late mid June at Mississisnewa day 1 (Saturday) and Salamonie day 2 (Sunday) (2-day regular-season tournament double entry fees and paybacks) The date has been set, but has not been confirmed as of yet. As soon as the date is set with permits, we will announce the date.

This tournament will be worth 2-qualifications for the classic, but only a single points race tournament. The points race will be soon updated to allow the best 5 tournaments and will allow for tossing out 2 if you fish all 7 events on 8 lakes.

It will still require 4 qualifications to qualify for the classic, with the Missy & Sally tournament counting as two qualifications
We also decided to lift the 9" size limit during the 2016 season
please feel to give feedback as far as comments on what you think!