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Thread: Boat set up

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    Default Boat set up

    I have just gotten a used 15.5 ft John boat with an open floor plan. I am wanting to set it up for primarily fishing, but also maybe a duck boat. I am going to put an aluminum floor in over insulation. I am not going to build a casting deck due to being disabled and not having good balance any more. My question is about a bow mount trolling motor with the quick release mounts. Has anyone used this before? Pro and cons. Also I want a good fish finder up front that can be linked to the trolling motor. The fish finder in the back I want to be able to use on a small pond boat or my canoe. Any ideas on fish finder for the front and rear? I will need to be able to remove everything do to storing the boat away from the house.

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    I think you will want one that has a seperate transducer wire so it can go with the trolling motor up front. Or put your own quick disconnect in the transducer cable. You will have your transducer cable tied to the trolling motor shaft.

    In the back I would get one of those clamp on transducer holders so you can move the transducer from boat to boat. A portable fishfinder may work easier here for moving boat to boat.

    My neighbor has a quick release trolling motor mount and I watched him use it once seem to work okay.

    Someday you may want to consider a stick steer boat so you don't have to move from back to front. Or get good with a rear mount trolling motor so you can just stay in the back. I have tried an older remote control trolling motor..its not for me. Maybe the new ones okay but expensive. Good thing about the old transom mount they are cheap.

    I rigged a seat up front on a pedestal pole so I don't have to sit on the bench and I can turn all the way around. I have a couple length poles so I can sit deeper in the boat when I want...and one casting butt seat when I want to sort of use it like a bass boat but my feet are still on the deck. It's a modified Lowe Big John 16/48 and has a middle bench.
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