The Indiana Crappie Federation is planning a small tourney Friday, after Thanksgiving, will be at Cataract at Cunot Ramp. This is a weather related tourney. If weather is bad - no go. May have to it change it to Saturday. Will be 8:30 to 2:00pm $20 per boat, maximum 3 person per boat team. All rules can be found at Cataract Slab Masters We will play by their rules. This is will be better than standing in line at some mall. Will post later with a 5:00pm Thursday (Thanksgiving Evening) deadline. Will let all know then if it is a go or a no-go. If enough show up will pay 1st 2nd 3rd and Big Crappie. $20 per boat includes BC and entry. P. Message me if you have any questions. (ovember 25th or maybe the 26th) Bigarm