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Thread: motor restriction?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doggone View Post
    If you are a person who wishes to have some bodies of water left where you can go and have a trip with a little solitude I think you will want to leave some restricted lakes. These lakes are quite a different experience then the lakes without restrictions. Even when the parking lot is completely full ...once you get on the lake it's ten times more tranquil.

    It's been my experience at least twenty percent of boaters will not adhere to the idle or no wake rule. Probably fifty percent of boaters do not adhere to it on unrestricted lakes when in idle areas....
    I'm not sure you understand. You as a general term, not you specifically. I used your post because I have seen something similar numerous times.
    The lakes will still be restricted, just the restriction will change to allow fishing boats with larger motors to idle only. Nothing else has changed, there still won't be pleasure boaters allowed to water ski, or jet skis, or anything of the ilk. Those restrictions won't change. It will still be designated as a fishing lake. It won't be changed to a pleasure boater lake. Those restrictions are still in place.

    We obviously fish different lakes. I haven't had any problems with fisherman ignoring the rules on hp restricted lakes, or idle only lakes. If your seeing it, report it. Only way it gets enforced is if you make it known to the rangers. They don't mess around with it. Once one gets away with it, others think they can too and then all rules are out the window and it becomes a nightmare for everybody.
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    There are a few lakes up in Wisconsin that I fish frequently which are electric only, or no motor period. I like the quiet when I'm out on my kayak by myself, but generally speaking I have never noticed that they are any better for fishing than the lakes without motor restrictions. I definitely like the option of fishing on my kayak without getting swamped by pleasure boaters or people pushing wake because of a 10mph speed limit. Other lakes like Devils Kitchen more than likely have the 10hp limit because of all the trees and stumps. No idea why using a big motor at idle isn't allowed. It works fine that way at the Mazonia lakes.

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