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Thread: How to pack?

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    Default How to pack?

    Hey all. I've been invited to go ice fishing in Minneapolis next weekend. I'm a tag along to the actual invitee.
    I've rarely even seen ice that could hold my own weight, needless to say, never ice fished.
    I have limited space in a private plane for gear. What sort of temps should I be prepared for? We'll be in a heated shanty(however vague that is). How should I pack?
    What sort of fish do people ice fish for?


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    Boots! Best you have or the best you can afford. Heated shanty doesn't mean squat if you're standing on ice. If you're elevated (on a floor) and fishing through, it won't be as bad, won't spend all your time in there, so you'll want good footwear.

    Layers. Especially something to block the wind when you're heading out/in.

    Fingerless wool gloves with larger, easily removable waterproof mitts over the top of them.

    Beer! (Or bourbon!)

    I'm guessing most of the equipment will be provided? Rods/jigs/tipups/bait etc?

    My guess is that you'll be fishing for walleye or panfish (perch/crappie/gills) but may get into some northern pike or LMB/SMB by accident?

    You're gonna have a blast! Only thing is it's gonna be ball freezin'!!

    I'll be ice fishing here in the North KC area next weekend where it will be a balmy 25F!!

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