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Thread: Smart , Wary or Lucky ?

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    I do know some bucks go full nocturnal for much of their life . But we all know deer are basically nocturnal animals for the most part .
    We have a doe or 2 that are pretty good in the go away for a while and show back up crowd as well. I have a real old crooked nose one that stays for longs periods and then goes away for a few months ,only to return once again .
    It might very well just be the local pattern of these particular deer . One 12 point shed I found is from a buck we have never seen and it makes me wonder about him and the possibility of others like him . I had a real tall 10 show up last year after season one time on camera and I have never seen him since either . I did have an 8 that showed up late in the season this year that was a young duplicate rack configuration of the 10 .
    I suppose when your woodlot is small like ours you will likely see some quite often and maybe others almost never . Probably due to our place being on the outer most fringe of their home range possibly ?
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    They dont get big by being stupid. Like you, there's plenty of land around me that doesnt get hunted. Occassionally all throughout the season the larger bucks will make their appearences on cameras, all at night though. If you dont get 'em that first week the only other chance you have is when theyre chasing HARD. Outside of those times it's just the "lucky" hunter that gets a shot at 'em IMO).
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