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Thread: Help at Washington

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    Default Help at Washington

    I posted this in the Ms. forum but it fits this one too. I was getting ready to leave about 4:00 on Lake Washington and my battery was dead. I tried to boost it but no luck. I walked up to the road to flag some help but 2 trucks just passed me by. Then a truck stopped without me even flagging and asked if I need some help. He said there was a mud landing about 75 yards down, to back up to it and he could boost me. He was about 2' short with his cable and pulled down another 2'. He forgot and left his truck in gear when he got out and it came at me at 100 mph it seemed. It hit the boat and I thought was coming over in the boat on top of me. He got it stopped about 3' into the water. He was able to back up and boost me off. There was no damage to the boat but broke the tips on 4 rods that he offered to pay for. I said no I was just glad he stopped to help and get me off the lake before dark. I didn't get a chance to get his name because I had to raise the motor out of the water to get backed up close enough and had to get it back in the water while it was running.
    I am always the one that seems to help someone but it was my turn to be on the receiving end. So I owe someone a boost, tow or anything else I can do to help.
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    I am Glad all was well -- thanks for your Post ,, Hope brings help when needed the most

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