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Thread: members in need fund

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    Default members in need fund

    Debt income balanced
    money raised at lake Blacksher event 3-17-2013 --------------$632.00 $632.00

    supplies purchased for the event ------------------------ $96.00-------------------- $536.00

    donation to Christian youth group------------------------$50.00-------------------- $486.00

    member in need ----------------------------------------$50.00---------------------$436.00

    ------------------------------$25.00 --------------------$ 400.11

    member family loss . donation in memory hospice-------$25.00---------------------$375.11
    member family loss . donation Ga sheriffs boys ranch $25.00---------------------$350.11

    2014 git to gather
    money raise -----------------------------------------------------------------------$311 88
    supplies -----------------------------------------------$97.00---------------------- $214 80
    balance from. last year ------------------------------------------------------------$350.11
    total balance 4-7- 2014------------------------------------------------------------$564.91
    raised 2015 ------------------------------------------------------------------------$366.23
    total --------------------------------------------------------------------------------$931.11
    2 death in family donation -----------------$50.00-----------------------------$758.00
    2016 get to gather --------------expense $377.91---------------------------$380.09
    ticket sales and donations------------------------------------------------------$370.00
    balance --------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.00
    donation to a charity of a lost member-------------------------------------$25.00
    balance --------------------------------------------------------------------------$750.09
    donation to a charity of a lost member-------------$50.00-------------------$700.00
    donation to charity ----------------------------------$100.00---balance as of 4-1-2017--------------$600.00
    balance as of 4 1 2017

    balance from last physical year -----------------------------------------------$600.00
    2017 get to gather -----------------------------donation and ticket sales $480.00
    Balance -------------------------------------------------------------------------$1080.00
    expense ---------------------------------------------------------------------------$295.00
    balance as of 4-12-2017 --------------------------------------------------------$735.00
    member in need -----------------------------------------------------------------$100.00

    expense for 2018 get to gather------------------------------------------------ $255.00
    balance -------------------------------------------------------------------------$470.00
    donation to lost member charity. ----------------------------------------------$50.00
    2018 get to gather money raised ---------------------------------------------$322.00
    balance -------------------------------------------------------------------------$642.00
    2019 get to gather money raised---------------------------------------------$331.00
    shelter --------------------------------------------------------------------------$200.00
    all supplies was donated by members-------------------------2019 balance $773.00

    *Donations to members in need are approved by Slab and kept private.

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    You guys and gals in Georgia are some great folks. At the Spring Crappie Camp/Slabfest you all raised $632 for the "Member In Need" fund. I suggested that the money stay right there in Georgia for Georgia "members in need" and everyone agreed. So the idea is, the money can be used for supplies for the events when they are needed, and for those Georgia members in need. I asked PaPaSage to make the information public so that there was full disclosure, so therefore he made this post. Sage asked that any help/money that was given to any members in need be approved by me just to make me aware, and to keep it above the board, so to speak. Those members names would remain anonymous to others. Any public donation destinations would be published (like the Christian Youth Group mentioned above). Also, if a member passes "God Forbid", we could send flowers from this fund. I know there are many donations of food and drink at the events, but when something is short, like plates or cups, I see no reason not to use the fund money to help out, and that info would by disclosed (as in Sage's post above).

    Thank you everyone for what you all are doing there in Georgia. You are leading the way for other states to follow.
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