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Thread: Board Rules Of Conduct-Per Ed Moes

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    Default Board Rules Of Conduct-Per Ed Moes is my site and these are my rules, as I insist on Crappie.Com being a family oriented, teach a person how to fish web site, that at any age person can visit. If anyone breaks these rules, their post may be edited or deleted (at the discretion of the moderator) and they can/ will be banned, simply at my discretion, if they continue to break these rules. Plain and simple; NO personal attacks will be tolerated, ( ie foul languge, inappropriate member ID names, etc). In an effort to insure that friendliness prevales over everything else" on the Crappie.Com boards, NO personal atacks, or even negative connotations towards others will be tolerated, whatsoever. This is not a threat, this simply will be the guidelines used by our moderators and myself. So in other words do not be suprised if your post is edited or deleted. it may even happen by accident. Do not be offeneded or take it personal. We are just trying to preserve the intention and spirt of the site... The sharing of information, the promotion and preservation of this sites intergrity and dignity. So with that in mind, your post may be deleted or edited at the drop of a hat, if you post anything that even mildey smells like, or barley resembles a personal attack or negative connotation torwards another, we will not debate what we have done but we will be happy to explain why. I would like to say thank you to all of you who have already been abideing by these rules unspoken, you are a great bunch of folks and I am proud to be one of your moderators. Thank you, JimmyS.
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