WINDY, WINDY, WINDY, again.....! Seems this has been the windiest season we have seen. Spring has been trying to hold on, but another cold front showed up Friday and left colder air temps and some 25 MPH gusts. Sustained winds were above 10 MPH all day long. The whites had moved up to spawn and there were still some good size blacks in the shallows too. 26 anglers toughed it out and caught 103 crappie weighing 87.61 lbs. No 2 lbs slabs weighed in this time, but I am sure the winds kept us from getting to them. Water temps were 67-75 all over the lake. The main lake was pretty colored up, but the creeks were mostly clear.

Congrats to the husband/wife team of Brian and Brooke Thompson who weighed in the only double digit limit. They caught 10.46 lbs and also the largest slab of the tournament at 1.93 lbs. They dipped minnows around trees and brush piles on the upper end of the lake. They found a small area protected from the wind and stayed with it all day. Pretty sure I heard Brian say that Brooke did catch the big fish too!

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