I am pumped up and excited to get back on the Specks real soon and early next year. Still on my saltwater right and always will be but love to still fish for the specks. And pretty pumped up that added a spider??rig to my Hobie kayak for those long slow days. Hope itíll be a catchiní limits kind of year for me. Love to eat them and my dogs Speck season late 2023-early 2024 Speck season late 2023-early 2024 love eatiní them to. They love eatiní specks so much, that if I donít bring any home theyíll lock me out of the house, TRUE STORY. They wear the pantsSpeck season late 2023-early 2024Speck season late 2023-early 2024 in that home thatís for sure. But I am pumped up and excited. Canít beat the table fare thatís for sure. God bless you folks and take care.

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