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Thread: For Those With Absolutely Nothing Better To Do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speck Detector View Post
    Couldn't agree with you more on the diversity Florida waters Fresh/Salt being 2nd to none, as well as each zone Northern, Central, & South having it's own unique aspect....would be great to meet ya's @ upcoming that non-skid flooring you have, easy wash down, was wondering what manufacturing company is your boat?

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    Xpress Boats

    They claim to be the first company to make all welded aluminum boats and are a family owned business. Somehow connected to AllWeld, maybe through a marriage or something. Like for decades Fords came with Firestone tires. HeHeHe.

    Tough time to be buying a boat, as used boats are priced at their original sale amounts. Even five years old, people think they can get it. So I decided to buy new and that meant I better figure out exactly what I needed the very first time. Our area has many options for boating and there is no sense in wanting to go somewhere, but having the wrong boat. We plan to go scalloping in the Gulf of Mexico, exploring the Santa Fe, St Johns and Suwannee rivers and their springs and such. There are lots of lakes in our area as well. So a Bay Boat style seemed to be a good choice.

    We took it on Lake Santa Fe right after we got it and I was looking at the GPS unit and saw a smaller lake right next to it, joined by a small creek. Once we found the creek we decided to try to make it through. It is about 8 feet wide or so and about a foot deep where logs have fallen in. I stood on the front deck, and lifting the TM in and out we made it through in fine fashion. We call it the Black Lagoon as the water is black. Looked cool. Later we read that kayakers seek out that same exact trip, and that boats just donít go though there. Well this boat did and did so easily. Drafts less than a foot.

    Well we also were able to go through the grass shoreline and get into and amongst the cypress trees. It is so beautiful back in there and we plan to hang out when the Moon is full. That will be awesome. She really likes the swampy stuff and imagines that I will allow her to stomp about in her waders. Iím not so sure as there are certainly gators back in there. Couple of bites, and as tiny as she is, she would disappear before I could get to her. Maybe we can find a safe spot, but they all look the same to me.

    The boat has a Yamaha 115 SHO engine and tops out at nearly 45 mph. Plenty fast for us actually. At 3,000 rpms it is doing something like 25 mph. Havenít recorded speeds at RPMs to be certain of my numbers, but close. The boat turns very well and does not slide or present difficulty when turning while idling. Comes right up on plane and I can back it down and keep the boat on top pretty easily. Of course it doesnít like smacking into waves, but so far I have been able to adjust the speed to lessen the effect. While stationary or slow trolling, waves do not pitch it about wildly, it just kind of wiggles a little. I can stand anywhere along the sides and it doesnít tip, which is why I wanted a larger boat anyways. Even though some of our pictures have used not wearing our vests, that was because we were peeling layers of clothing as the Sun warmed us. We wear our vests.

    The flu has parts suppliers short handed and that means engines for new boats are in demand. I saw lots of boats with no engines and nobody could tell me when they would get there. We married just before Halloween, and wanted a boat when Spring came, so I didnít want to wait too long. Bought boat just before Christmas and insured it with Progressive. This Winter has been down right nasty and there have been several days we had to cancel our plans. I took some friends out and three people can get along just fine on it. Seating for five, which is nice as well. Pulling people in tubes is something she has planned for us.

    I am really interested in exploring the St Johns and finding my way back up into those springs. We saw boats at Salt Springs, and them fellers were cooking hotdogs and stuff right at the edge. That looked like fun to me. Maybe someone has an on line guide telling folks where to go and such.

    I am open to meeting others at the SlabFest, however we are undertakers and work odd schedules. Kind of unlikely we will be available to meet up. April 17th....we will see. I do appreciate the heads up- thank you for that.
    I am just getting started so any help will be welcomed.

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    good read and a Surprise to see BEARLAKESLABDADDY
    Thanks Micanopy thanked you for this post

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    Pretty wife with a fun personality, new boat with accessories, and living the American dream. You got it going on. Proud for you. Down the road you might look in to
    putting two seats on the front deck, if it's wide enough.
    Tell'em I'll be there.
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