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Thread: some days are better than others

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    Default some days are better than others

    I got a call from a friend asking if I was interested in an early morning run to the river for some "striper hybrid's". Early out, early in. I have not worked the river for several weeks and was curious to see if they were still there. I had picked up a few in the lake the other day so I knew that they were still around and it sounded like fun.

    We get to the river and launch the boat around 6 am. we were the third trailer in the lot with two more boats coming down the road as our boat hit the water. I have a feeling it's going to be a busy day.

    We make the run up river to our secret spot in the dark. But instead of trying to navigate the back waters in the dark I suggest that we anchor up at the mouth and try it there. I set up one of my rods with my secret bait and set the other rod up for casting. Tim just goes with a casting set up. We work the area until the sun is up and we can see better. Because we had no takers for what we were offering, we pull anchor and head up stream. We are met by some boats heading out of the area. It seemed that they faired no better than we did. But we give the area a once over, with the same results. On to plan "C" and maybe even plan "D".

    There were some promising spots on the river I wanted to test out, we head there. Tim drops the trolling motor and puts it on spot lock. After about a half hour we head to the next spot. We get there just in time to see a bunch of boats leaving. That does not look good. We do a slow troll through the area with me making a few test cast here and there. By this time we are starting to see some weekend warriors on the river. Time for the early off part of the plan. We had not bent a rod all morning.

    We get over to my house where the wives were . Just in case things did not go as planed , we had a bag of fish thawing out. I broke out the deep frier and had a great time with some good food and some better people.

    I had a fantastic day with our friends. I say that it still was a good day.

    Until next time, tight lines and full nets.

    See you on the water


    another good day at the office !
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    It was a good morning, though the cool fish stories part was a little weak. Rained all Sunday and is forecasted to do the same this weekend. I need some fish time, hope it gets this out of its system soon. Look forward to the next time Jim, we’ll do better.
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