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Thread: Anyone in central Florida selling a boat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassman93 View Post
    Thanks Huntinslabs , already bought one....AND IT BROKE DOWN ALREADY,bust out another 1000...luckily skeetbum was out there and was nice enough to pack up and come pull me back to the ramp.

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    Dang Sorry to hear that. Hope it'll be the last of it and she's good and reliable going forward.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom309 View Post
    Well............... I guess it's time, I'm not doing any fishing/shrimping anymore.
    Double dang, sorry to hear this Danny. Hope it ain't so, but do hope you'll get out there when ever you can.

    And great catch up2, thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom309 View Post
    I'm just burnt out Linda .....................
    Don't care to do nothin anymore ......
    Danny we know you suffered a major loss and a heartbreaking one at that. Even lost a piece of yourself. But I doubt your wife would want you setting around doing nothing. You need to give yourself some time to heal before you sell off everything. Might regret it soon after.

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