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Thread: LAKE TALQUIN- take care of it!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by johndeere5045 View Post
    The drawdown of talquin was the best thing that ever happened to it. I was very lucky to be able to fish the following years. The numbers was great but the average size fish was alot better. I saw this drawdown on a county pond in alabama a few years back. The numbers and size of shell crackers was amazing. Just my opinion, i think its one of the best management tools out there.
    I tend to disagree with the drawdown. I caught my very first fish on Talquin about 50 years ago. I can remember as a teenager catching bedding shellcrackers that were 2 lbs. Then they had the first drawdown in 1983. The shellcrackers have not came back to the 2 lb size consistently since that initial drawdown. The drawdown they did when they shut the lake down until April was the only drawdown that I saw benefit from. Just my opinion.

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    Shellcrackers thrive off of mussels,clams and well any other creature with a shell. These creatures require hard sandy bottom. When a lake is newer it doesn't have as much sludge, mud and muck. So the bottoms is clean and clear. Shelled creature populations take off. So do Shellcrackers. In many places during drought and drawdowns lake bottoms get cleaned. This starts the cycle. Most of the Shellcracker records get broken within three years immediately after a drought/drawdown with clean up. Talquin shell cracker and white bass populations are down tremendously for many reasons. Habitat, forage, fishing pressure and invasive species to name a few. The crappie is a little different it is primarily fishing pressure. Though the loss of lily pads is beginning to play a huge role.

    Nearby Lake Jackson has an amazing Shellcracker population. It has experienced many years off and on of drought. Clams at times large as baseballs cover the docks there. Two pound Shellcrackers are common and 1-1.5 are easily caught. Several factors go into management and each species requires something the other doesn't but a good management plan and vision are need for each body of water. Talquin seems to be mainly being focused on largemouth over the last ten years. Losing several commercial cat fishermen has also hurt pan fishing there. Jackson being in Tallahassee is getting a lot of talk towards management along with funding soon.
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