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    Default UNBELIEVEABLE BARNETT 12/07/20

    I lead a fairly normal uncomplicated life. not too much out of the ordinary seems to happen to me except for bad things. LOL
    But today while I was fishing in Pelahatchie bay at the reservoir probably the most unlikely thing in the world happened.
    I have caught six or seven good fish on a pole using live scope and i targeted a particularly good size fish and he hit the jig and when he did it broke my line all the way off at My reel.
    I Set that pole down and grabbed another and just went back to fishing as I didn’t want to lose the bite and went through a slow period Where I didn’t catch anything for 30 minutes. I then saw another good size fish that I specifically targeted and got him to bite but these fish were deep and I had a shorter jig pole and had to pull line to the side and I let slack and i felt the fish shake the hook. Well I continue to bring the line up to see if my jib body was OK and I noticed that I have line wrapped around my jig.
    Believe it or not and as God as my witness it was my line that I had broke and as I grabbed the line to see if I can retrieve my jig the fish that I hooked was still on there. I pulled him in by hand and he was one of the bigger fish that I caught all day. I wonder what the percentages of that happening are ACTUALLY 12/08
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    percentage would be slim to none. Congrats. I love the Rez, I fished from opening till 10yrs ago.

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    Cool story. We once were reeling in a fish at a rig in the gulf. Something hit it and my BIL watched the rod and reel fly out of his hands into the gulf. My dad had hung a line over the side with a few hooks on it, he said like he used to fish when he worked on a rig. It must have snagged the line on the rod and reel. About 15 minutes later my BIL was reeling in again. When he got the fish in there was a half fish hooked over his hook. Sure enough we pulled it in and a couple hundred feet later it was the "lost" rod and reel. Not bad for fishing in about 250 ft deep. By the way the fish caught was a red snapper, the half fish was a croaker.
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