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Thread: two white boats

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    Default two white boats

    i have only started a few threads in my life so please bear with me if i make mistakes cabin is about 75-80 yards from a slew off the alabama river , i most of the time get up before daylight and sit and drink coffee as the sun comes up at my desk sets facing some windows that look out over the slew..early one morning as it was just getting light enough to see , i saw something white in the general vicinity of where i keep my jon boat pulled up on the bank..i got the binoculars and tried to see what it was , but i could not make it out...i thought well , maybe it was a couple of white boats tied up to the bank and waiting for daylight...but as i kept looking and it kept getting lighter , i could make out that it was not a couple of white boats , but a bunch of pelicans !!! all bunched up in a group and sleeping , with their heads under one wing , except for a couple who seemed to be keeping watch....and they were all white and they were big i continued to watch and it got lighter , they all finally woke up and started to move around , there must have been 35-40 of them....they swam up and down the slew for 15 - 20 minutes and then i had to go to town for something and left , but the truck did not scare them away , they just kept swimming,,,,when i came back they were all gone....i remember reading a fishing report after that from a lake in tuscaloosa that mentioned white pelicans , but that is the first and last time i have seen them here .....i can not remember what time of year that it was..
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    Thatís a cool story!
    I am well aware, how things change in low light levels.

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    Funny how the eyes will play tricks on you at first light
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