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Thread: lowrance hook 2/5 splitshot ????

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    Default lowrance hook 2/5 splitshot ????

    I'm thinking of putting this d/f on my boat. any info would be helpful. thanks

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    I went from a Elite 5 DSI to a Hook 7 ... and still only use the DI sonar (I'm not all that fond of 2d sonar). I think my Hook 7 images are as good as the E5DI images on the screen, and the extra screen size just gives me more time to notice things. My Hook 7 is a Gen 1 unit, and I don't know what "extras" are included in the Gen 2 series, but I do know that it's a nice unit and easier to use than the E5DSI as far as changing screen views. I never had a map chip for the E5DSI, but do have one for the Hook 7 ... and although I don't collect screen shots from it, like I did with the E5DSI ... I have used the map chip a few times & figure I will be using it more in the future.

    I've flipped thru the screen views a few times, just to see what's shown on each. The DI/2d chirp overlay screen, for me, is relatively useless as the screen is basically filled up with small fish icons to the point where I can't really take the time to scan it for cover & big fish icons ... and I know there's not that many fish in that thin slice of sonar ping & the unit is simply determining that all the return signals are "fish" That's one of the "cons" about 2d sonar & why I'm not a proponent of it.

    I can tell you this ... if you ever use it at night, it will light up the whole boat So I usually turn the backlighting down real low, so I'm not "night blinded" by it when I have to look at it. The screen palette color I use is the blue/white, which is the same as I used with the E5DSI ... just because of its clear details. I tried the other colors & most were just too "busy" for me (esp. the red/green/yellow). But, since I went from b/w 2d units straight to a color DI unit, the transition was a bit overwhelming at first ... so I just stuck with the blue palette, as it was easier on the eye (to me).

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