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Thread: Who make the best deep cycle battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lonnie84 View Post
    Been researching batteries since I just bought my first 36v TM and it's do in tomorrow, found a lot good info on here as well as looking at other reviews. I came across the info below while looking at what Walmart had to offer and found it quite helpful. Nothing that's probably not already been posted on here before but I kinda used it make my decision to switch from going with Interstate to the EverStart Maxx Marine Battery, Group Size 29DC which will save me about $150. I had considered the Optima's (which are made by the same company) but at close to $300 each with the Walmart EverStart Maxx and 2 year warranty on the down side I would still get 6 years out of it and on an upside maybe 10 yrs. or more for the same money when compared to the Optima.

    from Walmart review: by elcodo
    Chatted with a battery engineer at Johnson Controls yesterday. He said that "Johnson Controls is very pleased the Wal-Mart group 29 RV battery is rated very highly by the leading consumer product review company" The engineer also said "Batteries sold by us to different vendors are likely to have different internal construction". This implies a Johnson Control battery sold to Wal-Mart may have different internals than a Johnson Controls battery sold to COSTCO or Interstate battery. Read the foregoing again: It reads MAY and it reads DIFFERENT. It does not read BETTER or WORSE. My personal advice as an old and cranky, retired, lead acid battery design engineer, is to weigh every well represented Johnson Controls RV battery and choose the heaviest. The
    I can say having some experience in the manufacturing field and with a major brand name company that also sells private label products from the manufacturing standpoint it is unlikely that there is much, if any difference from the private branded and brand name labeled product made on the same manufacturing lines.

    In this case I would guess that Johnson Controls would be the actual manufacturer and I would not think they bought assembled batteries from different vendors but would assemble the batteries themselves. Again perhaps they have more than one vendor supplying the lead plates or the plastic cases but again due to assembly lines limitations to operating smoothly without controlled specifications once set up I cannot see how it would cost effective unless they had separate lines they ran nothing but the private branded product on.

    All the equipment is set up to handle certain parts and it would be a big loss of manufacturing time to have to completely set up the entire line to run something different and not much on an assembly line relies on manual human labor in the process any more.

    I do know when we changed from "branded" to "private branded" product we switched out any labels or packaging used with the appropriate branded items. If the private brands plastic parts were a different color we switched out the dye pellets used making the plastic. Other than that the products were identical and much of that was a because of the machinery or production line equipment designed and set up to run a specific product and if you tried to run a "lower" spec product such as a weight or size difference the line would not run as smoothly and the same speeds without being totally reset up for the new products specs.

    I do know for a fact that the National brand and private brand would sit side by side on the retail shelf with different printed boxes and the National brand would be priced almost 3 times the private branded product when in fact the product itself was the exact same.

    Just not cost effective unless you run extremely large runs and rarely change products. On the other hand packaging, and label changes, even plastic color changes can be done with minimum down time, maybe an hour or so and the line is back up to running full speed where again changing product it may take the better part of a day to fine tune the adjustments to be able to run flat out problem free.

    Not saying this is the case with the Johnson Control batteries but I would bet it is a good possibility. Just like Deka makes the group 31 deep cycle Napa branded and Duracell battery sold at Sams club. Even though the Sams club battery is cheaper I would bet they are the exact same battery. Napa does offer a little longer warranty but you are paying about 40.00 more for that extra warranty.

    That same battery is also sold I believe by Batteries + and O'Reillys under even more different brand names. I would doubt each brand is manufactured to different specs.

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    Optima batteries are now made in Mexico. The quality is lacking and the warranty has now been shortened .
    I use to run them in the truck and boat. Still have a blue top in the truck.
    I have found some Chinese batteries, of very good quality, however .
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    Battery maintenance will make most equal . I got as many years from Walmart batteries as I did optima . JMO.
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