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Thread: What are your thought's about the Garmin, Panoptix Livescope....

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    Default What are your thought's about the Garmin, Panoptix Livescope....

    Thank you for your participation here Doug. This might be a question for Ricky, but since you two are related, I thought you might have some good feedback concerning it.

    For me I would be using it in Florida, in skinny water, say, 4 ft deep, around Lilly Pads. I'm hoping I could just see the fish on the screen and snag it, legally of course, in the mouth! lol
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    My experience with Live Scope is a friend of mine has recently installed one and I'm very envious of his catches since. That doesn't mean he wasn't a good fisherman before.

    I'm one of those who tends to stand back and let others spend the money, have trials and errors setting the new electronics up, working out the bugs of how to operate it then either make it the next great thing or take it off and put it in the pile of next great things in the corner of the garage. I took criticism from friends because I refused to give up my 2D. It was them showing me what redear beds looked like on the bottom in off-shore areas that I bought my 1st DI/SI unit.

    I'm envious of the possibilities of the new Live Scope but I tend to mostly troll for crappie so probing the dark depths of brushpiles and lilly pad flats won't make that much difference in my tactics. Now, if some company gave me one to try, you can bet I'd find a way to adapt it to my style of fishing.
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