Chickamauga Lake Dec 15th Results

East TN Crappie Club held its 4th Tournament of the year on Chickamauga Lake this past Saturday Dec the 15th. The weather forecast looked bad all week with rain sure to fall. Then at the last moment Friday evening the forecast changed and the rain was gone. We had 10 boats participate in the tournament and everyone reported catching fish. Winners on this particular day were Scott Bunch and Neal Alvis with an impressive weight of 10.16 Lbs with 7 fish. In second place was Mike Johnston and Brian Howard with a solid weight of 8.73 Lbs with 7 fish. Most all teams reported catching a LOT of short fish, which is bad for the day but great for the future of this great fishery. The top teams caught most of there fish under or around docks. Baits used ranged from Crappie Magnet to Bobby Garland Crappie Baits. The best colors in the Crappie Magnets were white and chartreuse, pumpkin pie, and purple and chartreuse. In Bobby Garlands the bluegrass was good. We had a great day with friends and want to thank everyone who came out to fish the event. Congrats to the winners! Here are your full results.

1st Place 10.16 Lbs
Neal Alvis & Scott Bunch

2nd Place 8.73 Lbs
Mike Johnston & Brian Howard

3rd Place 6.77 Lbs
Bryan & Gavin Ainslie

4th Place 6.76 Lbs
Darren Caughron & Matt Xenos

5th Place 6.23 Lbs
Ricky Watts

6th Place 5.46 Lbs
Wally Porter & Aaron Porter

7th Place 5.29 Lbs
Jim Huber & Chip Huber

8th Place 3.52 Lbs
Scott Baines & Alan Wetzel

9th Place .78 Lbs
Mark Taylor & Jeff Loos

10th Place 0.00 Lbs
Dicky Porter & Phil Gawthrop

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