October 20th Tellico Lake Tournament Results

We held our 2nd Tournament of the season yesterday on Tellico Lake. As always Tellico brought out a great crowd with 16 boats entering the event, even though the weather was supposed to be wet most of the morning. Well the weather man got it right this time and it rained the first half of the tournament but then cleared to end the day with sunny skies.

The team that was able to best the field on the day was the team of Scott Baines and Cory Gerlach with a 7 fish limit of 6.43 Lbs. In second place was Darren & Tracy Caughron with 6.41 Lbs. In third place was Matt Xenos & Don Speer with 6.24 Lbs. In forth place was Scott Bunch & Neal Alvis. This was a close event. There was only .03 lbs separating 1st and 2nd and only .19 lbs separating 1st and 3rd.

The top 4 teams reported catching there fish on brush in anywhere from 15 to 25 feet of water. Teams reported catching fish on several different baits including Crappie Magnet, hair flies, Bobby Garland Crappie Baits, BoneHead Tackle jigs and more. Fish seamed like they did not want a specific color or bait this particular day. One thing that was common with most anglers is that they had to vertical jig with a slow presentation to get hit.

We again want to thank all the anglers who came out and braved the elements on this day to have fun and fish with us. Our next event will be held on November the 17th on Cherokee Lake out of the boat launch road ramp. See you all there.

Here are your full results....

1st Place 6.43 Lbs
Scott Baines & Cory Gerlach

2nd Place 6.41 Lbs
Darren & Tracy Caughron

3rd Place 6.24 Lbs
Matt Xenos & Don Speer

4th Place 5.84 Lbs
Neal Alvis & Scott Bunch

5th Place 5.12 Lbs
Tim Irwin & Jim Huber

6th Place 5.02 Lbs
Tim Fletcher & Mike Ferguson

7th Place 4.98 Lbs
Eric Fenstemaker

8th Place 4.50 Lbs
Tim Smith

9th Place 4.11 Lbs
Charles M. & Robert M.

10th Place 4.05 Lbs
Alan Wetzel

11th Place 3.92 Lbs
Wally & Samuel Porter

12th Place 2.43 Lbs
Jeff Stiles

13th Place 1.97 Lbs
Mike Willard

14th Place 1.92
Donald Russell & Ronney

15th Place 0.00 Lbs
Jeff Loos & Ben H
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