Sept 15th 2018 Douglas Lake Tournament

East TN Crappie Club held its first tournament of the year yesterday Sept 15th on Douglas Lake. We had a good turnout for the event with 16 boats participating in the tournament. The hot temps did cool slightly and we did receive some cloud cover which helped as well. Water temps did not receive the same cooling, as they were still at 83 degrees.

Darren Caughron bested the field yesterday with 7 fish that weighed in at 7.29 Lbs. Congrats Darren great bag.

The top 3 teams fished brush in 15 to 30 ft of water and reported that multiple baits were used including bobby garland baby shads, bobby garland slab slayers, hair flies, and crappie magnets. Our 4th place team and multiple others pulled crank baits and reported catching a lot of fish.

We did see a lot of new faces this event and want to welcome all of our new members to the club. We look forward to getting to know each of you and look forward to fishing together for a long time.

Here are your full results and again congrats the the winners.

1st Place
Darren Caughron 7.29 Lbs

2nd Place
Wally & Aaron Porter 6.54 Lbs

3rd Place
Matt Xenos & Don Speer 5.81 Lbs

4th Place
Ken & Denise Bulechek 5.22 Lbs

5th Place (TIE)
Jeff Stiles & Therese H 4.67 Lbs
Jeff Loos & Mark Taylor 4.67 Lbs

7th Place
Jim Huber & Tim Irwin 4.20 Lbs

8th Place
Rusty Profitt 4.07 Lbs

9th Place
Scott Bunch & Neal Alvis 3.36 Lbs

10th Place
Mike Willard 2.59 Lbs

11th Place
Frank Meritt & Tony Enea 2.17 Lbs

12th Place
Tim F & Sammy L 2.11 Lbs

13th Place
Eric Fenstemaker .62 Lbs

14th Place (TIE)
Donald Russel & Ronnie Pique 0.0 Lbs
Tim King & Jeremy Seaton 0.0 Lbs
Len Smith & Lori Smith 0.0 Lbs
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