We will be having a banquet on June 23rd at RJ's Courtyard in Alcoa Tn.

Address is - 3749 Airport Hwy, Alcoa, TN 37701

The banquet will begin at 4 PM. Food will be available if you choose to order dinner, but you do not have to eat. Anglers will be responsible for there bill.

I want every member to please try to attend this event. We will be discussing several things at this meeting which include but are not limited to

- Trophy Presentations
- Member fishing trip to a destination lake. (Free of charge for
Members Only!!)
- East TN Fishing Show
- Seminars and Training days July & or August 2018
- 2018-2019 Tournament Rules & By-Laws
- 2019 Irwin Tournament

I can not stress to you all enough that it is important to be at these meetings. Your input and feedback at these events is what helps us drive decisions as a club.

P.S. As always the entire family is always welcome at our events!