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Thread: Can We Talk Honestly about not Boating 7 Fish??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eagle 1 View Post
    The ability to boat 7 keepers on lakes that have a over 12 inch slot can be tough on days where it is 30 mph. wind . Fished a tournament on Grenada where more people than not had less than required 7 fish . Pulled cranks for 7 hours (pre livescope ) and had one keeper . not as hard to do as you might think .
    this is how it can go for sure , some days it just ain't meant to be .....
    a front comes thru , the fish scatter , you are not familiar with the lake ....
    even LS don't cure it sometimes .....just saying
    sum kawl me tha outlaw ketchn whales

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    Some days are tuff. I catch my share but I’ve been some days and got skunked. Not many but some. Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnLikeU View Post
    I'm not here to ruffle any feathers as a matter of fact if you are human you don't have feathers. There is an Elephant in the room that I want to talk about. That is Signing up to fish a Crappie Tournament & you don't even boat 7 Fish. Yeppers I said it. Why because I want to understand it & to do that we have to have dialogue & discuss it. If I'm not able to compete I sit on the porch. I think it's crazy to pay to enter a Crappie Tournament & you can't boat 7 Itty Bitty Fish... ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE 2 GROWN PEOPLE ON 1 BOAT.. Any thoughts? I find it comical & I say it was a great day for the fish. You can weigh 7 & they not be big I'm cool with that. However, a WHOLE LAKE & YOU THINK YOU ARE TOUGH STUFF & CAN'T BOAT 7 CRAPPIE ESPECIALLY WITH 2 PEOPLE ON THE BOAT. I think you can only fish if you are told where to fish & got cocky on what you catch with that info & on that lake. Do you find it acceptable to not boat 7 Crappie after entering a Crappie Tournament?

    It happens to the pros every tournment. Google Crappie Master Tournament Results and scroll to the bottom of any. Here's a Grenada Spring Tournament with over 40 guys without a limit, 28 without a fish to show. Learning new waters and seasonal locations of fish will result in no fish to show until you get it figured out. I've had my share of that. Really was a struggle until I stopped fishing memories (I caught fish here before)

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