I have been very busy and backed up with work and what not so have not had time to update. So, here is the entire month of November tournament results from the Kentucky Crappie Trail!

Lake Cumberland Division 11/14/20

1st Boggs/Morgan 9.21lbs
2nd Allen/Rogers 7.05lbs
3rd Kersey/Rogers 6.73lbs
Big Fish Reynolds/Thayer 1.85lbs

Green River Division 11/21/20
1st Melton/Whitley 6.71lbs
2nd Cochran/Cochran 6.12lbs and big fish of 1.46lbs
3rd Miller/Ward 5.48lbs

Taylorsville Lake Division 11/28/20

1st Mann/Mann 8.95lbs and big fish of 1.48lbs
2nd Eskridge/Martin 6.76lbs
Estridge/Vest 6.19lbs

Rough River Division 11/28/20

1st Thomas/Thomas 6.23lbs
2nd Petty/Petty 6.10lbs
3rd Lampton/Miller 6.08lbs and big fish of 1.46lbs