OK folks the time is getting short. Spring Fling on Wylie will be here before ya know it. Saturday , April ,28 at Ebenezer Ramp on Lake Wylie. If you planning on coming out please post your number of folks coming to fish. And if there are some coming for the cookout please list how many that will be also. We got a smaller shelter this year. But we going to have plenty of tables. You need to bring your folding chairs please. We have a few extra but don't count on them being available. We have all the food under control. Have asked for a couple special dishes from folks. Maybe a dessert if you want. But post it so we will know what to look for. Hoping for a great turnout. Want to invite families and friends of CDC from near and far. I may come up with a special prize for the one that travels the longest trip. We need kids ! It is more fun to watch the kids fish and tell the story of the big one that got away. And they are the future of CDC. So please sign on so the Dawgg can find enough food for all. Lets make him work for it this year. Hope to see ya there.