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Thread: Made 6 cinder block stake beds today

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ketchn View Post
    those look real nice , but how to you keep them upright is my question ?
    use bamboo in the same fashion and it costs nearly nothing
    fish will be in it so thick within a week it will defy your imagination
    plus boo has naturally occurring air pockets in its joints and will stand upright really well
    drop them all leafed out well and the crappie will flat out flock to them in the right spots
    the boo will last 2 to 3 years or even longer and by that time the entire world will have found them anyway
    so just whip up a few more and drop some fresh ones down in another spot
    just a quick fyi .....
    2nd that about boo. I've never seen crappie get an anything as fast as fresh green bamboo! FIL and I put one in one time and in 12 hours caught 5 over 1 1/2 lbs!!

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    I wonder about rough lumber laying long ways with tobacco sticks attached in an X pattern & layed long ways on lake bottom with enough weight to hold in place would hold crappie pretty good? I’m thinking about getting a battery powered chain saw too to quietly go to work on some sycamore tops at night.

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