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    I am not allowed to use my store bought trash cans anymore. They are nice plastic/pvc cans. Instead of letting the trash truck take them why not cut off the bottom, drill some large holes and sink them hollow log style? The rough texture should grow minnow food.

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    Probably just attract some trash fish

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    Actually leave the bottom end in and sink like a log...great Catfish cave.
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    allow me to 'suggest' drill holes in 4 sets of pairs towards the bottom and 2 slightly larger pairs on the bottom rim of it for 1" dia. PVC legs each about 30" long for stability and zip tied together in the middle. also zip tie a 8" cement block to these legs and place a couple of 10 hole red bricks inside each side of the block. put several short but dense limbs of osage orange, mulberry, locust or hickory slightly higher than the trash can and zip tie them to the sides and add water... depending on the type of plastic it might not show up really well unless you were very close or on top of it.
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