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  • For all husbands and an update from me.

    This is in response to losing my beautiful wife on Christmas Day. I am hoping that I have hit rock bottom and am starting my assent. I have lost somewhere around 15-20lbs. I have not been eating much and am resorting to drinking Ensure and protein drinks. It's odd how I always had a nervous stomach, I would go out on first dates and couldn't eat a thing but my first date with Debbie I ate just fine. This has rocked my world like nothing ever has. I commented on my wife's facebook page that I am searching for a direction in life but without Debbie I have none. I did run 4 miles at the ocean front last Wednesday and today I ran 4 miles at home and I went to the gym on Thursday. Where some turn to alcohol and drugs I am turning to running, lifting weights, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I am trying to make sense of this and am proud to say it has only strengthened my relationship with God. I feel that it is now my mission to spread the word to husbands to always tell their wife's that they love them, hug them, and kiss them. I leave you with a card I found that I gave my wife some years ago, this is what I wrote:


    This past Sunday at church you leaned into me and looked up at me, I looked at you and thought how beautiful you looked. I started to get teary eyed but managed to blink rapidly so as to not show tears coming from a tough guy. You should know that this was not the first time. On numerous occasions the same has happened. It is a warming feeling to look at you lying in bed next to me, finding you so beautiful, I am a very lucky man. My attraction to you is not only physical but it sure is nice to look at my wife and think what a beautiful woman God has blessed me with. I used to look a the moon and ask God for a soul mate. The other night the moon was bright and I thanked God that he sent me you and that you were in the house besides me. I'll love you forever, George
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    1. Slab's Avatar
      Slab -
      I shed a tear when I read this. Stay strong George. Please remember that we are here for you.
    1. chuckauten's Avatar
      chuckauten -
      I too have experienced the loss like yours, Hazel died 9 years ago. Those that say it will get better are wrong. I didn't turn to drink or drugs, but to meeting more fishermen. Thanks or sharng, it will help. My prayers are with you and others who have lost their partners.
    1. Speckanator's Avatar
      Speckanator -
      Beautiful lady...thanks for sharing your story. Chuck, I'm sure your advice will help.
    1. catman's Avatar
      catman -
      very touching story, good luck with your future.
    1. Anchor Man's Avatar
      Anchor Man -
      Great story Tap, I read it and have a lot of the same feelings about my wife. You bring a tear to my eyes, take care and may God's peace be with you.
    1. bee's Avatar
      bee -
      Tap stay strong and your life be rewarded. You had a great wife and she would want you to be strong in your future. I also shed a tear.
    1. DCottrell's Avatar
      DCottrell -
      Prayers for you friend, Very Touching story, CDC folks are here for ya.
    1. DRPEPPER's Avatar
      DRPEPPER -
      I too lost a soul mate over twenty years ago. Still think about her almost everyday; even though I have moved on. I wished there were magic words. But, there are none for me. The most peace I have found is to stay focused on God and his Son. There you will find many answers. I hope you find yours.
    1. 1 Cove's Avatar
      1 Cove -
      The Good Lord's grace is sufficient to see us thru the shadow of the valley of death. For His children death is a time of rejoicing as the victory has been won. I pray that the Good Lord will continue to shine His grace and mercy upon you as you travel thru this valley knowing in your heart that He will always be with you and will never forsake you. Andy-1Cove
    1. Ozark88's Avatar
      Ozark88 -
      Thoughts and prayers.
    1. Fatman's Avatar
      Fatman -
      I've watched my Dad going through this, in March it will be 4 years since Mom passed away. They'd been married for 53 years. Dad says the thing that keeps him going is thinking of all the good times and the love they shared. And then he laughs and says, but we had some real good arguments too!!

      Let your happy times and memories keep you strong.
    1. PawPaw Gene's Avatar
      PawPaw Gene -
      Tap, I wish I had the magic words to make it all right for you but I don't. Keep the faith and God is always with you. If you allow him, he will heal the pain and allow you to go forward a much better person than you were before you met your wife. She filled a roll in God's plan for you and now the plan changes. Don't be bitter and live in your sorrows, as hard as it is, tomorrow is a new day. Enjoy it to the fullest.
      Blessings and prayers,
    1. majflyboy's Avatar
      majflyboy -
      So sorry for your loss.
    1. Crappiegirl1's Avatar
      Crappiegirl1 -
      So sorry for your loss. The unexpected sometime is the worst. I will keep you in my thoughts.
    1. Billbob's Avatar
      Billbob -
      your on the right path
    1. dfar's Avatar
      dfar -
      I am sorry for your loss. I am also glad you took the path you are on. Thanks for sharing and may God bless.
    1. Jcogburn's Avatar
      Jcogburn -
      So so sorry for your loss, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    1. crappie4me2's Avatar
      crappie4me2 -
      Praying for you!! Thank you for sharing.
    1. Idunno's Avatar
      Idunno -
      Hey Tap,

      I got a question for did a looker like that end up with a mug like yours?!!!

      You are lucky to have had time together. I wish you could have had more.

      Be strong. May God bless you with peace in your heart.

    1. NIMROD's Avatar
      NIMROD -
      Don't give up , she would want you to go on and be happy!
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