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  • A Merry Driftmaster Christmas.

    Thanks so much and Slab for the poetry contest, and to Driftmaster made by Black River Tools for supplying the winners prize, a T-5100 trolling bar. I have used Driftmaster products since 2009 and have found them durable, and easy to use. Since 2009, I have used the LI'L PRO series holders for spider rigging and dragging crank baits with never a lost pole, even with some epic hangups that caused nightmares for weeks.

    When my wife and I bought a new boat and started to rig it out, I viewed other rod holders and was attracted by some, but after giving it further thought, I decided to stick with my Driftmasters that I already had. The reason was, my "old" Driftmasters just "fit" and I knew I could rely on them in whatever situation I happened to put them in. They are basically infinitely adjustable and on the old boat, I even had the side pulling holders sloped in for easy access to hand, but the adjustments on the holders still let the rods be adjusted to the correct position for fishing. The rods come out of the holders in one easy motion by grasping the rod in one hand just in front of the holder, and picking up. This makes the hook set easy and effective. In the process of rigging the new boat, I decided to convert one of my 2 pole holders to a 4 pole holder, so I gave Black River Tools a call. They were easy to deal with and supplied me, quickly and reasonably, with the additonal parts to make the conversion. The boat build thread is shown here and the rod holders are shown on page 7 of this thread.

    Today, the door bell rang and Merry Christmas to me from Driftmaster and WOOOOOOHOOOOOO! The T-5100 trolling bar had arrived and may I add, quickly as usual. The quality was perfect as usual and a quick check for the fit on the boat found the horizontal bar fit perfectly. This holder will be mounted from the accessory rail in the upcoming days and I am excited to add this additional rigging. My mind is already working to make the T-5100 trolling bar serve double duty by holding the tips of my rods during transport. I will continue to update as I get the new holders mounted.

    How lucky can a guy get. Such a great addition to the boat that will maintain "the look" and will further enhance the versatility of fishing styles capable from this boat. I can hardly wait to attempt to fish 18 poles dragging jigs. I may not be able to handle it, but I have confidence the Driftmasters will be just fine.

    Thanks again to Driftmaster and

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      U da man Randall!!
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      you wrote sum good stuff
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      The man with all the smarts, good job Randall
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      Congratulations! Great reward for a job well done!
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      congrats randall
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      Awesome Prize Congrats.
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      That is a great prize!
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